Micro Focus Content Manager SDK 9.3
HP.HPTRIM.SDK.ReporterUserOptions Class Reference

Reporter|Fonts For Content Manager report layouts (ReporterUserOptions) More...

Inheritance diagram for HP.HPTRIM.SDK.ReporterUserOptions:
HP.HPTRIM.SDK.TrimUserOptionSet HP.HPTRIM.SDK.TrimPropertySet

Public Member Functions

 ReporterUserOptions (Database inDatabase)
 Constructor for the ReporterUserOptions option set. More...
string GetFontFace (ReporterFonts forReporterFont)
FontStyle GetFontStyle (ReporterFonts forReporterFont)
short GetFontPoints (ReporterFonts forReporterFont)
short GetFontScreenHeight (ReporterFonts forReporterFont)
void SetFontDetails (ReporterFonts forReporterFont, string fontFace, FontStyle style, short pointSize, short screenSize)
- Public Member Functions inherited from HP.HPTRIM.SDK.TrimUserOptionSet
 TrimUserOptionSet (Database db, UserOptionSetIds setId)
 Base constructor, constructs a TRIM user option set of the specified option set type. More...
void Save ()
 Permanently commits all changes made to this option set. More...
void LoadFromGlobalSetting ()
 Load the administrators "global settings" for this option set More...
void SaveAsGlobalSetting ()
 Save this set as the "global setting" for this option set More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from HP.HPTRIM.SDK.TrimPropertySet
TrimIcon GetPropertyIcon (PropertyIds propertyId)
 Gets the icon value associated the a property of this object. More...
TrimMainObject GetPropertyTrimObject (PropertyIds dnPropId)
string GetPropertyString (PropertyIds dnPropId)
int GetPropertyLong (PropertyIds dnPropId)
long GetPropertyLong64 (PropertyIds dnPropId)
bool GetPropertyBool (PropertyIds dnPropId)
TrimDateTime GetPropertyDate (PropertyIds dnPropId)
TrimDecimal GetPropertyDecimal (PropertyIds dnPropId)
TrimCurrency GetPropertyCurrency (PropertyIds dnPropId)
TrimURI GetPropertyUri (PropertyIds dnPropId)
bool SetPropertyTrimObject (PropertyIds dnPropId, TrimMainObject newValue)
bool SetPropertyString (PropertyIds dnPropId, string newValue)
bool SetPropertyLong (PropertyIds dnPropId, int newValue)
bool SetPropertyLong64 (PropertyIds dnPropId, long newValue)
bool SetPropertyBool (PropertyIds dnPropId, bool newValue)
bool SetPropertyDate (PropertyIds dnPropId, TrimDateTime newValue)
bool SetPropertyCurrency (PropertyIds dnPropId, TrimCurrency newValue)
bool SetPropertyDecimal (PropertyIds dnPropId, TrimDecimal newValue)
bool SetPropertyDouble (PropertyIds dnPropId, double newValue)
bool SetPropertyUri (PropertyIds dnPropId, TrimURI newValue)
bool ClearProperty (PropertyIds dnPropId)
object GetProperty (PropertyIds propId)
bool SetProperty (PropertyIds propId, object newValue)
string GetPropertyAsString (PropertyIds propertyId, StringDisplayType propertyValueStringType, bool useHTMLEscapeChars)
 Gets a string representation of a property value in a format appropriate for a specific use. More...
bool IsMandatory (PropertyIds propertyId)
 Gets a boolean value indication whether the specified property must have a non-NULL value for this object. More...
bool VerifyProperty (PropertyIds propertyId, bool doMandatoryChecks)
 Verifies the value of a particular property, by cross checking it against other property values. The ErrorMessage property provides details if the verification fails. More...
bool CanModifyProperty (PropertyIds propertyId)
 Indicates whether the current user has the permission to modify the specified property. More...


int HorizontalAdjustment [get, set]
int VerticalAdjustment [get, set]
- Properties inherited from HP.HPTRIM.SDK.TrimUserOptionSet
UserOptionSetIds OptionSetType [get]
bool IsReadOnly [get]
 Gets a BaseObjectTypes enum value indicating the type of this object. Gets a boolean parameter indicating if this option set has been locked down and is therefore unable to be modified. More...
- Properties inherited from HP.HPTRIM.SDK.TrimPropertySet
string ErrorMessage [get]
 All TRIM SDK objects have an ErrorMessage property which can be used to examine any error that may have occurred in the most recent method call. More...
TrimException Error [get]
 All TRIM SDK objects have an Error property which can be used to examine any error that may have occurred in the most recent method call. More...
Database Database [get]
 Gets the TRIM Database object in which this object resides. All TRIM objects live within a particular TRIM database and cannot be created without one. More...
virtual string Caption [get]
 Gets the user-defined caption that has been associated with all TrimPropertySets of this type. More...
virtual TrimIcon Icon [get]
 Gets the icon value associated this TrimPropertySet. More...
bool IsModified [get]
 Gets a boolean parameter indicating if any changes have been made to this object since it was first constructed, or last saved. More...

Detailed Description

Reporter|Fonts For Content Manager report layouts (ReporterUserOptions)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

HP.HPTRIM.SDK.ReporterUserOptions.ReporterUserOptions ( Database  inDatabase)

Constructor for the ReporterUserOptions option set.

Member Function Documentation

string HP.HPTRIM.SDK.ReporterUserOptions.GetFontFace ( ReporterFonts  forReporterFont)
short HP.HPTRIM.SDK.ReporterUserOptions.GetFontPoints ( ReporterFonts  forReporterFont)
short HP.HPTRIM.SDK.ReporterUserOptions.GetFontScreenHeight ( ReporterFonts  forReporterFont)
FontStyle HP.HPTRIM.SDK.ReporterUserOptions.GetFontStyle ( ReporterFonts  forReporterFont)
void HP.HPTRIM.SDK.ReporterUserOptions.SetFontDetails ( ReporterFonts  forReporterFont,
string  fontFace,
FontStyle  style,
short  pointSize,
short  screenSize 

Property Documentation

int HP.HPTRIM.SDK.ReporterUserOptions.HorizontalAdjustment
int HP.HPTRIM.SDK.ReporterUserOptions.VerticalAdjustment